Reduce churn rate by 42% in some cases.

Onboarding Software Features

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Designed by HR experts and Built by technology experts.

Through close collaboration with HR experts we’ve created core modules that have created a great on-boarding journey.

Our Software:

  • Takes the process from manual to digital.
  • Saves you thousands and thousands on paper, ink and postage, not to mention helping the environment 😊.
  • Can give HR teams thousands of hours back by automating manual tasks that normally take hours.
  • Saves millions by increasing your retention rate by providing new colleagues with a great start.

  • Positively impacts your business by getting new recruits up and running through faster integration.

Software features and benefits:

A branded visual representation of the on-boarding journey and progress bar.

This has created clarity for new colleagues by showing them where they are now and what’s next.

A welcome portal for multimedia including videos accessible on mobile.

Creating an engaging branded experience, helping form that all important emotional bond from the very start.

Digital contract and role profile

Provides clarity to help reduce feelings of anxiety.

Electronic forms

Save time, money and paper. New colleagues can access and fill these in at home allowing for more meaningful activity to take place on day one rather than tedious form filling.


Create a more automated process and speed things up.

Your documents

Upload and store important information all in one place for easy access and saves time. This can be done from home, so no need to worry about taking hard copies out of the house.

Team welcome and buddy system

Makes new colleagues feel more comfortable with team videos, information and contact details to accelerate cultural learning.

Uniform/equipment portal

Speeds up the process of ordering uniforms. The visual representation also helps put new recruits’ minds at ease as they know what they are going to wear before starting.


Receive real-time feedback from your new starters to address any problems as they occur.

How’s your knowledge?

Allows HR and Managers to see how colleagues are preforming without being intrusive.


Reminds managers to complete and capture the right information. The HR team can see progress at these important stages. This also creates a consistent approach.

Make it your own:


We think with our core features will get you off to a great start.

Software Experts

The beauty of working with us; custom software experts, rather than a faceless off the shelf solution is the ability you have to make this your own.

Custom Software

If there is a feature you need, and it isn’t included in our core product, we’ll make it for you.


We will work with you to fully understand what you need.

Create your own

Find out more about how we can work with you to customise your onboarding.

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