Onboarding Masterclass Post Event Pack

Onboarding new talent into a business is becoming a critical factor.

Getting your onboarding wrong can come at a cost, it has been reported that one third of new recruits quit their job within the first six months. You want to blow minds not the recruitment budget.

The onboarding process for internal teams can be complicated and certainly time consuming at the best of times, but with expectations from new colleagues and the business getting ever larger, this key process needs attention.

We’re sorry you can’t attend the Onboarding Masterclass, we’d still like to share the key insights and practical advice with you through our post event pack.

Topics covered in the pack will include:

  • The importance of onboarding and the challenges organisations face.
  • Recruitment and selection, the key stages in the process and how a candidate might feel during this process.
  • Recruitment, the offer; legal and technical aspects.
  • Waiting to join; thoughts, feelings and what can go wrong.
  • Day one best practice.
  • First year and beyond.

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