We are Leighton. We are tech, talent, together.

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Tech. Talent. Together.


Our tech offering is where our amazing people create custom software solutions to help businesses make money, save money, become more efficient, create new systems to replace legacy systems, integrate systems and solve problems.


Our talent offering is where we hire our amazing people either as a dedicated team or on an individual basis to businesses who need, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers, IT Consultants and Quality Engineers.


We work together with our customers to customise the best blend of our tech and talent services aligned to their goals.  We always work to establish a deep understanding of our customers, we can only do this through collaboration.

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Our mission is to help businesses and their customers thrive in today’s fast paced world. Our three pillars of tech, talent, together govern how we work and help us bring our mission to life.

We’ve been around for over 27 years; we know what works and what doesn’t. Our advice comes from what we’ve seen over the years.

We are Leighton. We are tech, talent, together.

With us, you can thrive.

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