I’m working on a couple of projects and having the ability to work from multiple locations from our HQ in Durham, customer offices in Newcastle/London, or Germany where my partner is currently working. Days vary; this is one of the great aspects of the role, but a typical day can look like this:

9:00 – Although I would love to get in bright and early, I’m just not a morning person and luckily, we have flexi-time so can start between 8-10.

It’s time to boot up and log-in, but then a coffee stop is a must. Typically, there is always someone around in the kitchen so a quick catch-up about things going on and time to start the day!

9:15 – First job is to catch-up on any emails – notice I have a design review assigned to me so add that to my todo list then check the server monitors to make sure everything is running smoothly.

9:30 – Time for one projects’ daily stand-up – gathering at a tracking board we take it in turns to update on yesterday’s progress, any blockers and what is to do today, updating the board as we go. There are a couple of smaller actions for me so quickly update my to do list, assigning its priority and date to look at them on.

9:45 – It’s time to start the design review from earlier; all reviews are held on an open wiki so available to any project to be able to return to in future. I have a few days to complete this so just taking a look this morning to ensure the main details are there such as file lists and explanations of what they plan to do in each file.

12:00 – Lunch time! Sometimes I bring lunch in but with or without a group of us typically head over to the canteen across the road – we get an hour long break so get to have a good catch-up. On our way back, I go see what games the rest of the team are playing in the breakout area and if we’re lucky… what treats are left over from company meetings.

13:00 – Back to work and have the afternoon to work on a responsive advert implementation for one of the projects’.

15:00 – Time for tea at 3 – an open invite for all employees to grab a drink and take a break. When chatting to one of the other dev’s they’re discussing a bug fix they have been working on and ask for a second opinion so we head over to their desk before returning back to the advert implementation.

16:30 – Nearly home time – I look back on the list of things to do, plan the rest of the week and submit my timesheet.

17:00 – Home time!