With one in four people using social media, it’s no wonder that Leighton were naturally led to using it as a recruitment tool. According to JobVite, employers who used social media to hire found a 49% improvement in candidate quality. Social media can benefit both the candidate and the company.

For us, it’s about 3 main social media sites; Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


In my opinion, Twitter is the best place to go job hunting. From a business perspective, we can use social media to showcase ourselves and our company culture/values, all whilst adding a bit of personality. It’s a great insight for candidates to see what it would be like to work for Leighton.

If a company are interested in you and you’re on social media, chances are they’re going to look you up. Inevitably interviews can sometimes feel formal and so it can be hard for individuals to share enough of their personality to make an impression. This is where social media comes in really handy for us – not to pry on a candidate’s nights out or check out their followers – but to see what they’re like, what they’re really passionate about and how they would fit in with our company culture.

For us, it’s crucial how we present our jobs and how we make sure they get the best possible reach. Depending on our North East or London Office, we use hashtags like #NEjobs or #LDNjobs. We’ll always include a link to the job description so any candidates have a clear call to action. Finding a job should be easy, and we want to give you everything you need to know in 140 characters.


It’s one of the biggest and most professional social media sites, and to many LinkedIn is crucial to finding a job. The overall concept of LinkedIn was to create an online CV in a social, connected environment but many users overlook a lot of the added extras that Linkedin has to offer:

  • Utilise the posting section by regularly sharing updates, images and videos.
  • Contribute to LinkedIn Pulse to share your experience and passion for your work.
  • Detail important projects you’ve worked on and seek recommendations from fellow professionals.

Your updates can show a lot about you. This is why it’s important to optimise your profile and use it to its full potential.

So for a business like ours, we can quickly see your previous employment, skills, responsibilities and education. We’re a big fan of the job listings section on LinkedIn, we use it to post of our latest vacancies and screen candidates, this is particularly good when looking for positions that are hard to fill or skill specific e.g. Senior .Net Developer or Java Developer. And we’ll always promise to bring you the latest vacancies on our company page.


It’s debatable whether Facebook should be used for recruitment. It’s more of a personal platform, where connections are mainly friends or family. So a recruiter adding a potential candidate as a friend, wouldn’t be the best thing to do. However, we have a good social presence across multiple social media sites and Facebook is probably seen as the most informal. Through the Leighton Facebook page, we like to create a strong company culture. As a result we always encourage our staff to share our vacancies on Facebook. Some connections may be previous colleagues or friends who work in the same industry. And knowing a friendly face at a new company is always a bonus!

Social media is a key tool at Leighton. It’s fundamentally about being social and creating relationships. For a business like ours it’s important to find like minded connections individuals who are interested in digital, technology and innovation.