Northumbria and Teesside University’s students join us for our first Career Skills Workshop

Leighton opened our doors this week for three students from Northumbria and Teesside Universities interested in a digital career to join us for a Career Skills Workshop. With their current university courses involving creative and digital media, computing and design and multimedia, the students spent time at our Leighton Head Office, where they were given the opportunity to meet key members of staff, see the work we’ve been doing, and have a tour round the office.

Interview Advice

The morning was led by our Internal Recruiter, Jordan Hind, who gave the students an insight into how the recruitment process at Leighton works, including some great advice on how to prepare an attractive CV, interview tips and mock questions. She also explained our recently launched Graduate Scheme, which provides help and support to recent graduates and students looking for placements.

Jordan was very pleased with the progress of the morning and aptitude of the students, and said: “Our first student open morning has been a huge success, it was a great opportunity for the students to be able to learn more about how we work, as well as seeing hands on how we are transforming our clients digital services.  The students were also able to find out more about the technologies Leighton will be using in the future and which areas to concentrate on away from their studies.  It was a huge achievement to see the students leave Leighton, inspired and focused on how to develop their skills and make themselves more attractive to employers.”

Staff Stories

We provided talks from Leighton members of staff, who told the students about their roles with us and their career paths in Web Development, UX and Design and Mobile Application Development.

The students even got the chance to talk to our CEO, Lyle McCalmont, who is a Teeside University graduate himself. Lyle explained the unique qualities that Leighton are looking for in a graduate and the plans he has for Leighton in the future. Lyle also talked about the new and upcoming technologies which Leighton are looking to use, and encouraged the students to be bold and inventive with their time and their skills in relation to new technology as they come towards the end of their studies.

Student Feedback

“For me personally, it was a great experience to gain an insight into what is needed to work for such a big company.  The main reason why I came was to to understand the bridge between the skills/technology we gain at University and what skills/technology web development companies need and are looking for, for example  AngularJS , Java and Ruby on Rails.  So it was reassuring to hear that my work for my dissertation which delves into Twitter Bootstrap and Compass which integrates with ruby on rails are technologies which your company use. “

“Thanks for having us, it was a really great experience, learnt quite a lot about other technologies that I should be looking into in order to keep up with the times sort of speak.”

What’s Next?

With the first student opening morning being a success all round, Leighton are looking forward to hosting more events in the new year and would like to consider local secondary schools to inspire young people to take up a role within the digital and creative sector.