new employee pre and onboarding

A digital approach to successful engagement

HR professionals contend with culture, vision, mission, ethnicity, diversity, health & safety, compulsory learning bites and many other regulatory and company-wide policies all ON DAY ONE of a new colleague starting.

Getting it wrong comes at a cost:


Days of lost time


New staff leave within the first month


Of incurred cost

Disengaged colleagues

Not accessible across devices

No continuity across disparate sites

It doesn’t have to be like that. Remove the administration and dated content and give your new colleagues a positive start that lives up to their expectations and reduces feelings of anxiety

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A digital solution via an employee portal can add valuable positive outcomes to your new employee’s onboarding process

Tailored to your business, objectives and culture.

The software is developed and built to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that you get a solution that works exactly how you need it to and delivers the results you want.

Competitive advantage.

Your competitors won’t have the same software, as it’s been created to your specification. This could give you a competitive edge. An effective software solution improves employee performance and has a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels.


A bespoke system can evolve over time to match your changing requirements.

We have delivered bespoke digital solutions to replace expensive licensed software for many high profile brands

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