We are proud to introduce our new product, human.

Our new onboarding platform that ensures everyone has the perfect start.

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Why onboarding?

After creating a custom digital onboarding solution that saves money, is loved by colleagues and improves retention, we thought we might just be onto something.

We’ve created an onboarding system for HR professionals, designed by HR professionals and built by talented technical experts. Human works for your unique processes, your brand and your people in a way you can’t with inflexible off the shelf solutions.

People centric software

We understand systems. For years we’ve created them, integrated them and ran projects to make them talk to each other. They’re our bread and butter. Through our process, we work together with you. We ask questions and gain a deep understanding of your goals. Your agenda is our agenda.

Why onboarding matters

Organizations with engaging onboarding programs retained 91% of their new talent in the first year. (SHRM)

Oxford Economics revealed replacing employees incurs significant costs for employers: £30,614 per employee. (Oxford Economics)

of new colleagues are more likely to stay in a business for three years or more if they have a great onboarding experience. (SHRM)

Retention is improved by 82% through a good onboarding experience. (FPM Global)

Productivity is improved by 70% when using an onboarding process. (FPM Global)

of new colleagues will leave within the first 45 days due to poor onboarding. (Forbes)

Make first impressions count

Our approach is different to off the shelf solutions, we’re with you from start to finish in person.

If you’d like to see how digitizing your onboarding can benefit your organization, HR Team and new colleagues, get in touch today.

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