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We’ve already helped thousands of people with the perfect start. Facts are facts, and when it come to the success of our custom employee onboarding software, we have some pretty compelling facts:

  • £31,000 per year saved on paper, ink and postage.
  • 1,250 hours saved on creating induction packs and filling in forms.
  • 42% reduction in people leaving within in the first 12 months.
  • Over £6.5 million total saving in the first 12 months.

We’re always pleased when things work the way our customers need them to. Our process of working together, creating the right blend of our tech and talent services ensures this happens. But we’re always touched when people say nice things about us.

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Customer Feedback

“The solution that was produced is excellent, fulfilling the objective completely, to have a simple to use, intuitive portal that meets the scope perfectly; To create a welcoming environment where our co-workers, with support from their leaders, are inspired and engaged in their learning offer and feel emotionally connected in their local unit and to our brand, to competently deliver an excellent shopping experience.”

“I found the team to be very accommodating, professional, detailed and flexible in their approach. I had good updates throughout.”

User Feedback

  • “Easy to navigate”
  • “Really helpful”
  • “Invaluable as a point of reference”

  • “Very intuitive”
  • “Informative”
  • “Inspiring and infectious. Made me feel I really wanted to be part of the team.”

  • “The app is excellent, it made me feel in control. I was also able to learn at my own pace.”

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