Project Control

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We are problem solvers, who truly care about delivering quality and value to your business.

Leighton have a well-earned reputation for providing clients with a safe pair of hands during the delivery of their key projects. We are highly experienced in setting solid foundations for new projects, developing resilient and sensible project plans and then managing delivery of those plans. We are experts at identifying risks & issues and effectively managing their impact.

Business analysis workshop

Project Scoping

Business analysts ensure that the solution meets your needs by working closely with our development teams. We are highly skilled at understanding how your business, its processes and its systems work and sharing your vision for the future. Our business analysts are experts at being able to translate customer needs into well-defined and prioritised project requirements.

Project plan gantt chart

Project Planning

We involve all key stakeholders at every step of the journey and have strong experience of developing robust project plans. We use industry standard tools to create dynamic plans, which makes it easy to see the impact of potential issues or changes later in the project. We believe in a transparent approach to creating and managing a project plan.

Risk Management

Risk & Issue Management

Leighton take a pro-active approach to identifying and managing risks thus, reducing the likelihood of them developing into an issue. Therefore, Leighton incorporate risk management into every activity within the lifecycle. Sometimes issues do occur in projects which cannot be prevented. One of the strengths our project managers bring is an ability to provide a calming influence in situations where there is a problem to be solved. We are experienced in coming up with solutions to problems and guiding the project through difficult times and back on track.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Ensuring that we are delivering a quality service is important to us. Leighton take a pro-active approach to managing quality during every stage of the delivery lifecycle. We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Setting standards and measuring our performance against them
  • Conducting independent peer reviews
  • Monitoring progress through project reporting
  • Adopting a flexible resourcing approach