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As part of our talent offering, our Dedicated Teams model is used to deliver business-critical IT projects.

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Competitive advantage

In today’s fast-paced connected world, for businesses to thrive, they need to embrace technology. Creating and recruiting the skilled teams needed to deliver these business-critical projects takes time.

Costs can quickly spiral due to an extremely competitive talent market. The additional time it takes to harmonise a team that has not worked together before can leave business leaders feeling frustrated.

After successfully supplying dedicated teams for over 20 years, we know what it takes to equip businesses with the talent they need quickly, and in a cost-effective manner. We’re perfectly positioned to advise on optimal team make-up, based on project and business needs.

Bring us in when you need us

Projects come and go, and so does the need for skilled, expensive and hard to find talent.

When big brands need a pre-formed, integrated team that can hit the ground running at short notice, they turn to Leighton; after all we’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

What we’re made of

A Leighton dedicated team tends to comprise of:

• Business Analysts
• Project Managers
• Scrum Masters
• Developers
• Quality Engineers

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If you’re looking for skilled resource for a shorter period take a look at our Augmented Teams service.

Augmented Teams

How does it work?

We’re worth it

Our dedicated teams have helped big brands by allowing them to:

  • Attain the right level of talent quickly.

  • Deploy a pre-formed mature team quickly.
  • Establish a multi-skilled team without having to go through an expensive and long recruitment process.
  • Save time in managing employed talent.

  • Save money in directly employing salaried talent.

  • Save money in not having to maintain a team once a project is completed.

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