Who We Are

Leighton is an award winning integrated technology business. We use vision, creativity and expertise to connect businesses with their customers and drive commercial success across multiple touchpoints. Working with us isn’t just about achieving the end result, it’s about what we do to get there, changing the way you think about your business and the benefits of digital forever.

Who We Work With

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With twenty plus years of experience behind us and many more in front of us, we consistently deliver innovative solutions across public and private industry sectors. Retail, Leisure & Travel, Finance, Housing and Not for Profits:

How We Do It

First Contact

Quite often clients come to us with a problem – not knowing what they want, only what they want to achieve. This normally fits into two categories. Help them make more money and or help them reduce operational costs. These are challenges we thrive on.

Leading Expertise

Leighton is an experienced, vibrant team of creative and technically adept experts. We have a skill set that spans traditional and emerging technologies ensuring you get the right solution to fit your requirements. Meeting deadlines and working to budget is an essential motivator for us and this is achieved through mutual respect of our colleagues with a clear work life balance and flexible approach to the working day.

Tailored Delivery

Delivering the right solution means careful consideration and absolute direction to ensure we meet the ultimate goal of listening and understanding your business objectives. To this end we have a committee of skills to meet your requirement, looking at it from a multitude of perspectives. These include, cost of ownership, budget, technical debt, technology fit, legacy integration and user experience. Once input from these areas is discussed and debated, we set out to propose our solution to you and involve you at every step.

Service Delivery

ISTQB Certification badge

All of our Software Testing team are ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified, an internationally accepted software testing certification which demonstrates best practices and key concepts within testing, helping us to make sure all of our client solutions and projects pass through a maximum level of testing.

ISO27001 accreditation badge

Leighton are also accredited in security management. Having the ISO 27001 accreditation means that we can ensure that we have valuable and visible proof of our willingness to meet recognised data security standards. A formal ISMS is now increasingly seen as a necessity in terms of compliance before organisations will enter into commercial transactions with prospective suppliers.