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A vibrant image of the Las Vegas skyline, overlaid with the AWS re:Invent event logo

AWS re:Invent 2024


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A vibrant image of Big Ben and the houses of Parliament, overlaid with the Women of Silicon Roundabout event logo

Women of Silicon Roundabout 2024


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A vibrant image of Amsterdam, overlaid with the World Aviation Festival event logo

World Aviation Festival 2024


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A vibrant image of the Angel of the North, overlaid with the TechNExt event logo

TechNExt Festival 2024


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A vibrant image of the London skyline, overlaid with the AWS Summit event logo

AWS Summit London 2024


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A mockup render displaying the automation and efficiency booklet.

Automation and efficiency: How custom software can boost productivity


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Graham Reed, Technical Lead at Leighton

Migrating to AWS: Lessons from a Tech Lead


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A mockup render displaying the POC vs MVP booklet.

Choosing the right development approach: proof of concept vs minimal viable products


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Leighton colleagues Holli Taylor, Claire Cundill and Andy Carr (L-R) holding their Best Workplaces UK Award in front of the Best Workplaces UK backdrop.

Leighton named one of the UK's Best Workplaces™ 2024


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Our Chief Technical Officer Steve Morland with the on:tech logo overlaid.

Introducing EventNet, a tool for resting EventBridge events


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Leighton colleagues jubilantly celebrate their recognition as one of the UK's best workplaces in tech.

Leighton named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces in Tech™


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Creative Technical Lead Dan speaking to colleagues about his role on the BA website.

Designing for inclusivity: behind the scenes of British Airways' accessible website


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A mockup render displaying the common mistakes made with AWS booklet.

6 common mistakes made with AWS (and how to overcome them)


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Colleagues engaged in a lively discussion about the Great Place to Work certification.

Leighton earns Great Place to Work® certification


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Leighton founders and CEO having a lighthearted conversation at Leighton's 30th birthday party.

Turning 30: What I’ve learnt…


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Chairman and Founder Paul Callaghan posing for a photo alongside his brother Gerard.

Leighton celebrates 30 years with rapid growth


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Author of the blog, Jake Bazin sitting on a sofa, relaxing with his phone.

Build a dynamic form component with Vue 3 (Composition API), Typescript, and Vuelidate


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Author Steve Morland, sat at his desk, working at his computer with headphones on.

Design thinking and the power of a prototype


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Multiple colleagues working in the office environment.

Developing software applications with testing in mind


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Leighton designers Dan and Vik, sat around a laptop collaborating on a project.

Optimising the design process


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