Fact – it costs much more to attract new customers than it does to keep existing customers.

Every clients facing business, whatever the industry, knows that. Here at Leighton we’re always striving for what we call the Rolls Royce ideal, asking ourselves how we can deliver a superior service in everything we do – from new business development to project kick offs, design to implementation and sign off. Job done? Well not quite!

Critically, our approach to excellence doesn’t stop at the point of delivery. In fact, that’s where our attitude to Account Management comes into it’s own. To us it makes crystal clear business sense to offer existing clients – such as Sage and Home Group – more at this moment not less, to go beyond the standard and deliver something truly outstanding.  It could be something as simple as a phone call to check our client is 100% happy, or it could be researching and preparing a proposal for further enhancements to their digital assets that they hadn’t previously considered.

Reputation is Everything

It sounds simple but what does Account Management really mean to Leighton and its clients?  My role and responsibilities are varied – every day is an adventure of all sorts. No two customers are ever the same, however one thing is certain, in the digital age reputation is everything. That makes my job highly variable and ever-evolving. I have a responsibility to continuously prove to our clients the value of everything Leighton does, and what added value we can provide on current or potential projects.

Providing clients with both creative and technical services as part of a complete digital transformation service and having an amazing group of designers and developers on hand, means we have the capability to deliver highly technical, great looking projects in double quick time.

It’s my job to have a solid understanding of where the client can go and what it’s going to take to get there – perhaps before they even know for themselves! Therefore, my role is to take all that information and establish a proactive approach: addressing any issues upfront, making sensible and innovative suggestions and also providing a sounding board for client ideas and developing requirements.

Adding Value

I’m always looking to identify new opportunities or new initiatives early, whilst gaining insight into clients’ up and coming strategic initiatives. Working closely with the clients to share their key initiatives for the year and identify new projects, means we’ll always be on the ball if and when an opportunity presents itself.

I’m always mindful of a client changing their key metrics, asking myself “Are they measuring anything new? Has the definition of success changed?” as this helps us add value and schedule our workload effectively. Finally, it’s vital we seek feedback from clients on how we performed on previous projects and what they might expect from Leighton in the future.

That’s the value of Account Management to us – it’s never really “finished”, but as 12 years with British Airways proves – looking after a client properly always pays off.