Newcastle University welcomes Leighton staff

Last week, Leighton visited Newcastle University to host a talk with students from the School of Computing Science. Particularly aimed at female students, the talk centred around how Leighton have successfully supported an increasing number of women into the technology sector.

Representing Leighton were our Internal Recruiter, Jordan Hind and Senior Web Developer, Birgitte Johnsen. Jordan explained the rigorous recruitment process at Leighton to the students, and advised them what we look for in a candidate and detailed the success achieved by talented females in key positions with us.

Jordan said “There’s a real push to get more women into technology, and it was great to see how Newcastle University is working in partnership with local organisations to drive this initiative forward.  The evening was a huge success and a great opportunity to share Leighton’s success stories, as well as being able to offer the students support and advice on how to succeed in this sector.  In a recent article by The Journal,  we had shown our support for women in technology and highlighted that over 21% of our workforce, based at our head office, are in fact females.”

Birgitte explained her career path and how she started off in a Front-End Developer role and progressed to be a Senior Web Developer at Leighton. In her position, she is responsible for a team, which is entirely male dominated. Along with Leighton, the students received information from the IT corporation, HP and scientific researches from Newcastle University.

Moving forwards, Leighton are looking to deliver more talks to local educational institutions, we want to particularly focus on the female students and inspire them to pursue a career in the technology sector. We already have some key dates in our 2015 calendar, including Career Programme Talks with New College Durham and Northumbria University and a showcase event with Teesside University.