First impressions really do count!

Did you know, one third of new recruits quit their job within the first six months!

Are you blowing minds or the recruitment budget?

It’s easy to see and feel the effort at the front-end, crafting role profiles, creating a nice “on brand” careers page where you wax lyrical about your employee value proposition. You might have a few slick case studies, maybe videos with smiley happy people. Then there’s the time and effort that goes into cultivating meaningful relationships with recruiters, not to mention the fees.

Unfortunately, all this effort and financial investment can be quickly undone due to a poor onboarding experience.

Wooing talent with your “unique people focused culture” during the recruitment process and then failing to deliver and meet expectations the moment new colleagues walk through the door can be costly. It can cost up to £11,000 in fact to replace someone earning the average UK salary of £27,721

Connection counts

A disconnect on day one can get in the way of forming a bond with the organisation and the brand. This connection that can make or break retention. In a recent study 43% of respondents said their first day was disjointed or confusing, not great for forming that all important bond. It has been reported colleagues who feel connected to the business are more productive by 20% – 25%.

So, what’s going wrong?

Well, there’s many pain points. We’ve talked extensively about them with HR professionals and created a system to overcome them.

  • Many programs implemented by organisations are manual and are taking up valuable time and can feel like a chore.
  • System integration is a nightmare, there is often several systems that won’t talk to each other.
  • Buy in from managers, it can feel like over reliance.
  • Lack of consistency in processes, messages and experience.
  • Off the shelf doesn’t cut it; shoehorning processes and employer brand into a generic solution is tricky.

Sink or Swim

When you can’t get systems to work together, managers to buy in or even the time to look at onboarding it might feel like it’s not worth it at all, let alone looking at a bespoke system.

The sink or Swim method shouldn’t be an option with employer brand being more important than ever before. 59% of organisations state employer branding represents one of the key components on their overall HR strategy. With onboarding having a direct effect on employer brand, the most important opportunity for setting expectations, surly it is worth it.

Where do you start?

How about with custom software experts who’ve created a bespoke colleague onboarding system for the world’s largest furniture retailer. A bespoke system created for you by Leighton has many advantages;

  • Going from manual to digital will free up time with single data entry, secure online forms and e-signatures.
  • A digital system can help your managers buy into onboarding by removing the over reliance you have on them. Uploading team videos to help with introductions. The handy admin view helps managers schedule training and reviews, pulse surveys allow them to check on how new colleagues are feeling with being overbearing.
  • System integration can feel like a nightmare but, we’ve integrated and created many systems in our 27 years for the likes of British Airways and Sage. You may feel like you don’t know where to start, well we do, we’ve got you.
  • Strengthen your employer brand; our system can be tailored to your brand, use your own language to create the kind of first impression you want.
  • It takes a team of people to create custom software. Working with us you’ll have access to the team. Whilst Software Engineers bring your system to life our qualified Project Managers can run your project for you, working with you and your stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of your business and what you need.

Bespoke: They’re worth it

Considering that 78% of business leaders rank employee retention as important or urgent, you need to be looking at this now. Want more reasons? Consider what a good experience can do for productivity and what a bad experience can do to recruitment costs. Surely bespoke is worth it. If you don’t want to do it for you and the organisation, then do it for them. Show your new talent they’re worth it, dispel their feelings of day one anxiety and harness their eagerness.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Get in touch for an informal chat, it’s worth it.