I’m a strong believer that to promote career growth and employee productivity, businesses need to ensure they value differences in their workforce and create an inclusive culture. At Leighton, we pride ourselves on our amazing workforce; a great collection of people who have a vast range of valuable skills.

Whilst we’ve always looked to understand the skills of our employees (so we can do everything from identifying a ‘gap in the market’ for new talent to join us, through to ensuring we’re fully utilising the knowledge and experience we have), as part of our considerable growth over the past 12 months, we’ve recently put a skill profiling initiative in place for all employees to make this as effective and efficient as it can be.

Staff skill sets

The whole focus of the skill profiling process is to ensure employees are both working on the projects best suited to them, so that our clients get the best outcomes and that staff are working on projects that will likely inspire them.

Sitting with all employees for an informal chat, staff detail what skills they posses and how they feel they are being utilised within Leighton. Discussing their current roles and projects, and their views on where they want their career to progress to, the meetings prove to be a great opportunity to improve communication between staff, whilst helping us unlock what could be untapped potential within the business.

Through these discussions, we continually recognise key skill areas, and can always be confident we’re working towards personal career aspirations. Ultimately, this ensures we are investing in training and career development, which is one of the most effective ways of retaining a skilled and specialised workforce.

For Leighton, it’s vital our staff are motivated and feel valued. Taking the time to speak to all of our staff has allowed me to learn a lot about the potential and drive they have have to succeed, making them invaluable to how our business grows and develops.

Throughout the process we’ve identified the importance of the many elements that make up skills profiling from profiling to match specific client needs to highlighting our in-house skills for use with new business presentations.

What’s more, while talking to some of our great developers, we highlighted technologies such as Angular, Node, Java development and App development that we have a wealth of talent in, which can inform new business pitches or the conversations we have with current clients. The awareness of these skills allows us to develop a further understanding of internal promotions, including employees crossing over to new areas of the business and those that have a desire to take on added responsibility such as line management and team leader positions.

What’s next?

We’ve always been determined to build an environment at Leighton where staff want to work and feel able to put their skills to best use. The main concept of this profiling process has always been to have a bank of information on all staff members’ skills to ensure we are utilising the amazing talent that we have within the business at all times.

Moving forwards, the information we continue to gather will be used for a variety of purposes, including recruitment to ensure we fill any in-house positions with the most suitable people and bring in new talent where necessary.

Leighton recognise that our people are fundamental to our success. As part of these new initiatives, we are continually looking to ensure we develop and harness the talent of our staff to be certain our business continues to grow, develop to be as successful as we can possibly be.

This is a relatively simple process of short, focused interviews and some straight forward data capture, but the outcomes could be huge and will definitely have a positive effect on the future of Leighton.