With AngularJS becoming one of the most commonly used languages, and the release of the highly anticipated Angular 2 Beta, it’s no surprise that our clients are shifting their focus to adopting new technologies.

AngularJS allows a smoother customer experience that is suited to any device. A client that we’ve been working with for over 15 years has recently took the opportunity to implement a whole new architecture around a flagship project developed within an AngularJS framework.

Beginning with one Leighton developer on the project, who already proved an ability to learn the new technology quickly, further members from the Leighton team were sought after. There was a distinct lack of the affordable skills within the industry as a whole, but our talented team love a challenge. Now, over a year into the project, we have a team of seven nested within various parts of the major project. Leighton developers have demonstrated their ability to learn, teach and communicate on all business levels, leading to four of those developers being on a panel of seven ‘expert reviewers’, who take time out of regular development to approve code changes from all other developers before it is committed to trunk and a further, final sign off from the client’s core architectural team.

Part of the requirements of the single-page-app included a responsive design pattern with a ‘mobile-first’ approach. Recognising the market trends and anticipating a higher portion of sales/flight bookings will be done using a mobile device in the immediate future led to deliberate decisions in both development and design departments to make the site worked on smaller view ports before desktop. Leighton developers quickly adapted to the decision to use the foundation framework and led the development of the new styles library that will be used for all future client work within the new architecture mentioned above.

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