In November of last year, I became Leighton’s first ever apprentice and took my opportunity to dive straight into the world of social media within a digital agency. My Leighton apprentice experience has been nothing but positive and I’ve definitely landed on my feet with a position within Leighton!

Rewind to Summer 2013, I was fresh from my first year of A-levels and considering a whole new career. This was when I decided to look into apprenticeships, I’d heard so many good things about them. The benefit of earning a qualification while also gaining real experience in the workplace sounded like it was exactly what I wanted. Cue Leighton’s position for a Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice and the beginning of my apprenticeship  experience.

Now nearly 10 months down the line, I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever learnt so much in such a short space of time. I’m being provided with the suitable training that I need from Baltic Training, a North East training provider, who specialise in IT and Social Media Marketing Apprenticeships. My training has been provided through workshops and webinars, where I have the chance to work with other young people on the same apprenticeship. The qualification is built up of competence and knowledge. While completing the relevant work for Baltic, Leighton have always been supportive in understanding that I also had responsibilities elsewhere.

Within my role at Leighton, I have successfully taken control of our social media strategy. Through this, I have become aware of the importance of content creation, the impact of content on SEO and the use of analytics in relation to social media. As well as maintaining our social media platforms, I have also taken responsibility of our monthly internal newsletter. This enabled me to work with different web applications, such as MailChimp, which has improved my awareness of graphic design and the importance of internal communications.

By working with both Leighton and Baltic, I have grown and developed in a professional environment, while also continuing to expand my knowledge and gain qualifications. Leighton have provided me with an opportunity to evolve in the ever changing world of social media. I am looking forward to a future within Leighton, this position has enabled me to develop a wider skill set. Leighton have always ensured that they were providing me with enough responsibilities. However, there’s never a shortage of people who would offer assistance, if I required a helping hand! Moving forward, my role here at Leighton has helped me to develop in social media and digital marketing, which can enable me to progress towards many other aspects of the business.