New College Durham - The Next Generation of Amazing People

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By Neil Tomlin

Neil has been a Developer working on projects with British Airways for 5 years

Last week I was invited to New College Durham to run a Careers Talk for a group of 18 full time education students in their STEAM programmes (science, technology, engineering, and now art, and mathematics). During the session I ran, the students were very inquisitive into my day to day work and also receptive to my suggestion that qualifications alone would not be enough to secure a position for many employers.

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I was given a tour of the £3million facilities available to the students in these fields and was immediately impressed with the investment in the education of the next generation. There was a strong emphasis on a vocational approach to their learning with the opportunities to use a fully kitted video recording studio, radio studio and top end macs with editing and development software. This extends with the high level of employer engagement that New College Durham seek for setting their curricula and running events. A prime example of this is Nissan who take on apprentices who are released for study.

I couldn’t help but reflect how well New College Durham shares Leighton’s vision for creating amazing people who are passionate about what they do. The students have a wealth of facilities and access to the years of experience of local entrepreneurs and professionals. What better way is there to prepare the next generation of designers than by commissioning them to produce illustrations for a children’s book or a website for a local business? Is there something that Leighton could request?

classroom of students 1

To conclude, whilst there’s many more opportunities Leighton can begin to seize in order to establish our name and reputation amongst the next generation, this was certainly a great first step to nurturing a new wave of amazing people.