The new Nexbridge site – a responsive redesign that puts the user at the heart of the experience.

When we were approached by Nexbridge to give their website a full responsive redesign we naturally jumped at the chance. Their previous offering was good but like all shrewd businesses Nexbridge wanted a great website which is why they appointed us to help.

Nexbridge provides high volume telecoms service to call centres and other communication providers.  They are a global leader in providing telecoms solutions and ability to significantly increase call centre contract rates by delivering solutions including Interconnection, Free Business Conference Call and Telecommunication Consultancy.

Defined by it’s ability to offer communication solutions, the new Nexbridge site had to offer a unified and a fresh user experience by demonstrated clean and flat design, intelligent use of logo typography, colour palettes, flat icons and meaningful imagery.  Similarly, we had to ensure the website provided optimal viewing experience for the user by creating a responsive view across all device platforms.

Research, Ideas and Inspiration

Plenty of research and analysis was involved before we even started putting pen to paper. We began by carrying out market research in to some of the web’s finest responsive websites and established the best methods and techniques for the project. Our aim throughout the project was to communicate the Nexbridge brand in a clean and succinct way by putting the user at the heart of the experience.

UX & Design

Fully informed by the research and analysis, our teams of subject-matter experts from UX and Visual Design came together to begin the creation and supply of the flat HTML, CSS and JavaScript template assets.  This involved four core phases, with each phase sequentially linked to feed into the next:

  1. Style Tiles:  Style tiles are a method of defining and signing off the make-up of core UI components before any full page designs are created, essentially they form a mini style guide.  The style tiles showed off variations of all the main UI components which cover areas such as colour palettes and combinations, Typographical hierarchy, form styles, tables, buttons, links.
  2. Review and Approval:  With a natural iterating in a continuous feedback loop with the team at Nexbridge, together we were able to agree and select our chosen components.
  3. Create Designs:  Nexbridge core principles required the site to be responsive, HTML5 and CSS3.  We focused on clean and flat design, light fonts, white space, solid colours and flat icons.  Some of these key benefits included with this design were fast load times, modern appearance, effective responsive design and ease of use.


  1. Testing:  With the requirement of a responsive layout it was important full testing was carried out across different devices, platforms and browsers such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.



Nexbridge simply wanted to position themselves online as a modern telecommunications group with a progressive, refreshed, clean and corporate site and brand image.  We have helped achieve this with a full site redesign, responsive layout,  style guide and HTML / CSS templates.

Even in its early state, the new Nexbridge is fully embraced by the company and users alike.