Who doesn’t love a good transformation story and the before and after stats? Well, we’ve got a good one when it comes to colleague onboarding.

Onboarding new talent is a good move because first impressions count. Onboarding effects retention and productivity. 58% of new colleagues will stay longer if they’ve had a positive onboarding experience with a proper structure. Faster time to productivity has been reported by organisations using an onboarding process.


A global retailer approached Leighton with the following problems with their onboarding:

  • It was manual. They were spending £31,000 on paper, ink and postage.
  • It was time consuming. Preparing induction packs was taking approximately 1,250 hours per year at a cost of £11,250.
  • Number of inducted leavers after 12 months was standing at 34%, a monetary cost of £207,667.

After looking at various solutions it was established off the shelf solutions didn’t suit. They were deemed as “inflexible and un-customisable.”

Cue Leighton…

As custom software specialists these problems excited us. With more than 27 years of using technology to make money, save money, create efficiencies, integrate systems and solve problems for the likes of British Airways and Sage we knew we could help.

Better Together

Working together with our customer we designed the following components to improve their onboarding;

Feature Benefit
A branded visual representation of the onboarding journey and progress bar This has created clarity for new colleagues by showing them where they are now and what’s next.
A welcome portal to for multi -media including videos accessible on mobile Creating an engaging branded experience, helping form that all important emotional bond from the very start.
Digital contract and role profile Provides clarity to help reduce feelings of anxiety.
Electronic forms Save time, money and paper. New colleagues can access and fill these in at home allowing for more meaningful activity to take place on day one rather than tedious form filling.
e-signatures Create a more automated process and speed things up.
Your Documents Upload and store important information all in one place for easy access and saves time. This can be done from home, so no need to worry about taking hard copies out of the house.
Team welcome and buddy system Makes new colleagues feel more comfortable with team videos, information and contact details to accelerate cultural learning.
Uniform portal Speeds up the process of ordering uniforms. The visual representation also helps put new recruits’ minds at ease as they know what they are going to wear before starting.
Rota Team members can access this from their phone providing clarity at any time.
How’s your knowledge Allows HR and Mangers to keep an eye on progress and if colleagues are up to par without being intrusive.
Reviews Reminds managers to complete and capture the right information. The HR team can see progress at these important stages. This also creates a consistent approach.

Proof is in the pudding

We’re pleased to report some very positive results. Our customers onboarding is now:


  • Digital; no more paper, ink and postage. That’s a nice saving of £31,000 per year, and much better for the environment ?.
  • Efficient; the digital system means there’s no need to prepare hard copy induction packs. That’s 1,250 hours better spent, each year.
  • Since using the system there has been 420 fewer leavers in the first 12 months. This have saved over £6.5 million.

Working with us

Our approach is different to a faceless off the shelf experience. We add real value, in places that are not a consideration from the outset. Working with qualified Project Managers is a real bonus. They save time, create project plans, keep things on track, attend stakeholder meetings. They’ve got your back.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customer had to say. We must say we’re flattered ?.

“I found the team to be very accommodating, professional, detailed and flexible in their approach. I had good updates throughout. The solution that was produced is excellent, fulfilling the objective completely to have a simple to use, intuitive portal that meets the scope perfectly. To create a welcoming environment where our co-workers, with support from their leaders, are inspired and engaged in their learning offer and feel emotionally connected in their local unit and to our brand, to competently deliver an excellent shopping experience.”

A glowing report

It wasn’t just our customer who had nice things to say, those who’ve used the new system as part of their onboarding were happy too. They described the system as:

“Easy to navigate”


“Really helpful”

“Invaluable as a point of reference”

“Very intuitive”


“Inspiring and infectious. Made me feel I really wanted to be part of the team.”

One colleague kindly provided an account of her experience:

“I was also given access to the app on my phone, which gave me lots of useful information and allowed me to download documents, policies and handbooks, whilst also allowing me to have an overview on my training record. The app is excellent as it made me feel in control, I was also able to learn at my own pace. I really liked the percentage at the bottom giving you the incentive to get to 100%. I was so proud when I reached 100% and felt I had achieved a great level of knowledge and understanding which helps me every day to deliver to the best of my ability”.

Make your own

If you’d like to create a customised onboarding system with our “accommodating, professional dedicated and flexible” team do get in touch for an informal chat. After all, you want your new talent to be excited about being part of your team, as well as being productive as quickly as possible.