Earlier in the month, I joined the Leighton team.  Brought on board as a SEO Specialist, my focus is clear – to develop and implement SEO strategies for both Leighton as a company and our varying client base.

Having been involved in the industry for 10 years, it’s been an interesting decade.  So much has changed over the years that except for on the highest level of driving targeted, organic traffic to your website, what many know as SEO today is different to what it was even just five years ago.

With SEO, you need to (ideally) build from the ground up

But what’s always remained the same for me, however, is the need to have the right foundations in place when developing a SEO strategy.  Without these, your strategy may not fail immediately – or even completely fail at all – but it will give you more headaches than you really need, often because you’re trying to repair damage that was caused by not having the proper groundwork in place.

Although this may sound somewhat obvious, SEO is one of those resources that can cause nothing but endless confusion.  Frequently due to the fact the industry does change so regularly that unless you keep on top of it, your knowledge can quickly become outdated, it’s also not uncommon for a person’s overall idea of it and its possibilities to be inaccurate.

SEO isn’t a short term strategy that’s going to result in quick wins.  Similarly, you’re not going to be able to invest on a small level as a brand new organisation and expect to instantly overtake the likes of Amazon or Apple for search phrases and general organic presences they’re dominating.

Importantly, this isn’t to say competition from established organisations rules SEO out as a possibility (and conversely, that if you’re dominating search results at the moment, you should stop your investment – it’s just as important to understand SEO is a continued investment as it is to understand you won’t necessarily see instant results).  It simply needs to be understood that developing, implementing and seeing success from a SEO strategy takes time, bearing a lot of similarities to building a house.

The fittings are as important as the floor

For instance, like building a house (and as mentioned above), great foundations are key.   However, you don’t start seeing the benefits until the roof is on and you begin to look at the detail.   SEO is the same – a website that is coded effectively, loads quickly and offers a generally great user experience is the equivalent to your house’s superb foundations.

With content production and distribution seen as putting the roof on and looking at the more detailed aspects, the importance of such aspects is sometimes overlooked.  The reality?  They are actually the key components to ensuring you truly benefit from your home (or SEO strategy!).

What’s more, as with building a house, once you start to benefit from a SEO strategy, those benefits will only become more noticeable, have a greater impact and prove to be a fantastic platform upon which to expand both your SEO strategy and every other digital resource you’re considering utilising.

A huge advocate of organic search and a genuine believer that if developed and implemented correctly, every organisation can see huge rewards from SEO, it may have changed and transformed considerably over the years, but SEO today, in my eyes, should be more of a key consideration for all organisations than it ever has been.