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By Dan Step

Dan is a Business Development Representative working with and alongside SME'S, schools and multi national corporations. Dan also works as a public speaker to help schools and charities find funding that is available at corporate and conference events.

Leighton would like to announce that we are now selling our services through the Digital Outcomes and Specialist Marketplace. The digital marketplace is part of and is used to find and buy project services and specialists who can work on digital projects.

It’s split up into two categories, digital outcomes and digital specialists. The digital outcomes is for suppliers who can provide project teams to build and support a digital service, in areas such as design, UX, testing and web development. Digital specialists is for suppliers who can provide individual specialists to work on a service, programme or project.

Leighton have successfully been accepted for both categories and we’re looking forward to getting started. It means that the time spent and cost traditionally associated with a procurement will be reduced and the opportunity to support digital transformation within the public sector.

Why not check out our work page to find out what we could do for you?